Bottle+ innovates the sparkling water market with its first product: A portable carbonisation bottle. Create your own sparkles anytime, anywhere and without single use plastic. Once conveniently refilled the integrated gas tank with your refilling system at home, you can carbonate up to 15 bottle fillings on the go – and choose your preferred strength.

Why you should use bottle+

Young man refreshing himself with sparkling water from the Bottle+ bottle.

Flexible refreshment

Our innovative technology allows you to produce refreshing sparkling water out of regular tap water. By the push of a button and wherever you are.

Bottle+ in the middle of nature between plants.


With our bottle you can lower your own plastic waste and contribute to reduce the 1.3 billion plastic bottles sold worldwide per day.

A cup of coins with a plant growing inside to illustrate how you can save money with Bottle+ in the long run.


The costs of producing your own sparkling water with Bottle+ are about 10 times lower compared to branded water with long transport distances.

How Bottle+ works

A new refilling station for your Bottle+

Get your Bottle+

The bottle is filled up at a fresh water fountain.

Fill up your bottle

The Bottle+ reusable water bottle is put on the side of a backpack to be taken anywhere.

Go anywhere you want

The button of the Bottle+ SPARK adapter is pushed to create sparkling water on-the-go. This can be done up to 15 times before the adapter has to be refilled at the refilling station.

Drink 15 bottles of sparkling water

The Bottle+ reusable water bottle is refilled at the refilling station.

Refill your Bottle+ at home

What Bottle+ looks like

Bottle+ THE SPARK in its five different color options: Soda grey, bubbly blue, fizzy turqoise, selzer rose and sparkling white.


The bottle includes a detachable adapter (THE SPARK) at the bottom that let's you create sparkling water wherever you want it. You can create up to 15 bottles of sparkling water before you have to refill the adapter at the refilling station.

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Bottle+ THE SPARK on the refilling station where the CO2 gas tank in the adapter is refilled.

Bottle+ Refilling station

Once the adapter at the bottom of your bottle is empty, you an refill it conveniently at the refilling station. This takes only a few seconds and the bottle is ready to go again.

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The SPARK adapter is easily removed and replaced by the STILL adapter to enjoy still water on-the-go


If you prefer still water in certain occaisons and do not want to carry excess weight with you then you can simply exchange THE SPARK for THE STILL adapter.

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On August 24 we launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money in order to bring our product to life. We would love to have you on board for our campaign and we are extremely happy about any like, share, blog post, article or other forms of promotion.

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